Ardent Psych is a psychology practice where independent psychologists deliver in-person and telehealth consultations. We endeavour to create a practice where patients receive affordable, accessible care; and can choose from a range of options that best suit their needs.


What services do you offer?

Psychology and Counselling services are available via In-person only, Mixed, or Telehealth only formats.

Services are delivered by Registered Psychologists (General Psychologists or Clinical Psychologists).  The clinicians working with Ardent Psych are independent health practitioners.

We sometimes also employ Provisional Psychologists (psychologists who are in their final stages of training before becoming independent practitioners).


Do I need a referral?

A referral is not required, but patients who are referred by their GP may receive a Medicare rebate if eligible.  Please see our GP Mental Health Plan guide for more information.


What are the fees?

Please see our locations for the fees at that site


How is payment made?

As part of the intake process, we will request your credit card / debit card details which are stored securely.  Following your consultations, your card will be debited.  If you qualify for a Medicare rebate, this will also be processed and the rebate will be deposited in your nominated account.  We accept Visa or Mastercard.

Clients who are funded under Work Cover / TAC / NDIS / Private Insurance are managed in a similar fashion: you are billed after the service and you must then claim your rebate from your funder.

Please note that this is the only way we accept payment. 


Is the service covered by Medicare?

Eligible patients referred under the GP Mental Health Plan / Better Access Initiative are entitled to a Medicare rebate which covers part of the cost. Patients are required to pay a private fee, and we will then process the Medicare rebate.

Please see our GP Mental Health Plan guide for more information.


Is Bulk Billing available?

The clinicians working with Ardent Psych are independent health practitioners and determine their own fees.  Typically, practitioners do not Bulk Bill. 

Patients who are seeking a lower price option may wish to consider the Telehealth Only Service which is offered at a discount.


Do you see NDIS Clients?

We provide services  for self-management and plan-managed clients.  We are unfortunately unable to provide services for NDIA-managed clients.

Please see the practitioner profiles for each location re: psychologists who see NDIS clients.


How long are consultations?

1 hour of time is booked per consultation.  This consists of a 50 minute consultation and 10 minutes of associated administration time.


How is my information managed?

This is detailed in our: Management of Personal Information Policy


How do I access Telehealth?

Please see our Telehealth Guide.

What is your relationship to Telesol Psychology?

Telesol Psychology rebranded as Ardent Psych in 2024.  Telesol Psychology started as a telehealth psychology organisation, but there was a clear message from our clients and referring doctors that they prefer in-person psychology. We therefore evolved to accommodate this by brining on a number of in-person psychologists, and the service became much better received.

Given our changed service delivery, our name unfortunately caused some confusion for patients and referring doctors with many thinking we are a Telehealth only organisation. We therefore rebranded as Ardent Psych.